Good leadership is essential to any company’s success.

This article looks at the qualities that a good leader possesses, whether you’re looking to hire leaders for your company or become a better one yourself.


Leaders spend much of their time making decisions, so it is essential that they are able to come to decisions in a timely manner. A leader who waffles and delays on decisions can harm the company’s performance and employee morale. As one CEO put it on, it is vital for leaders to avoid overthinking their decisions, which can lead to “paralysis by analysis.”


Another key leadership trait is enthusiasm. If employees sense that a leader is not enthusiastic about the company or their coworkers, then their own enthusiasm will wane. Leaders should strive to project enthusiasm. To avoid coming off as phony, they should do so in a way that rings true to their own personality.

Managerial Skills

A good leader, at his or her core, is also a good manager. This is especially important to keep in mind when considering promoting someone to a leadership role: Just because someone is great at their current job does not mean they will excel when placed in charge of others. To borrow an example from the film industry, a great camera operator will not necessarily be a great director.


All of the jobs a leader has, such as decision making and inspiring others, tie in with communication. That makes communication one of the most important leadership skills to possess. Whether passing instructions on to direct subordinates, working with partners, or keeping the company as a whole up to date, leaders should provide clear messages and timely responses.

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