Small business owners can be fairly independent. You may think that you don’t need an accountant. Maybe you don’t make much money or you’re operating on a tight profit margin. While you may not want to hire an accounting expert full-time, using a bookkeeper at key points can save you valuable time and money over doing it yourself. Here are five times when you might want to use an accountant.

Get an Accountant to Help You Set Up Your Books

Most people understand basic accounting. Establishing a bookkeeping system can quickly become very complex. Having an accountant help you, in the beginning, lets your accounting system grow with your business.

When You Write Your Business Plan

An accountant can provide a lot of information for your business plan to show to investors. Your accounting professional can help you make realistic financial projections that will demonstrate your professionalism and ability to succeed.

Ask Your Accountant About Your Legal Structure

Although your attorney will certainly have information about your business’ legal structure, your accountant can provide input about tax liability and business-related obligations. The type of accounting you choose will affect your taxes.

Get an Accountant to Help You Deal With the Government

The IRS and other government entities aren’t forgiving when it comes to miscalculated taxes. Get yourself set up right in business by seeking out advice on accounting when it comes to forms and payments. You may be able to get the form ready for your bookkeeper who can give it a once-over for accuracy before you send it in.

If You Are Audited, Get Your Accountant Involved

Most businesses aren’t audited, but on the rare chance you are, you need to have your accountant to make sure you aren’t violating laws.

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