Now Seeking Referrals and Brokers

The referral and broker program at Flex Capital is always happy to work with outside transactions. We can help you preview or submit a transaction with ease. Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

  • Reciprocal referrals that make sure your client stays with you
  • Upfront fee disclosures and commitment letters to protect you
  • Continuing relationships to provide you with resources again in the future
  • Low referral fees and excellent commissions for all projects we fund

To find out more, contact our office today. One of our experienced financial consultants can answer your questions and get you started.

Advance Your Career at Flex Capital

With our nationwide presence, Flex Capital always has regional sales positions in many major US cities. We’re looking for energetic employees with a desire to climb the ladder in the financial industry. Here are some key traits we want all new sales people to have.

  • Confidence: You can handle rejection and have strong beliefs in your abilities
  • Funny: You know how to use humor to strengthen customer relationships
  • Motivated: Once you’re given a task, you dedicate yourself to its completion
  • Organized: You can stay on track with clients through the entire sales process
  • Friendly: Your outgoing personality draws others to you and makes them enjoy your company

There are a variety of benefits to working at Flex Capital. In addition to the ability to work practically anywhere in the United States, we also provide:

  • Excellent commissions and rewards for your hard work
  • Enrichment for your career and future
  • Access to talented professionals equipped to provide the funds your clients need
  • Versatile lending capabilities that allow you to offer quick turnaround for your clients

Contact Our Office Today

If you fit the criteria above and want to join our referral and broker program, call or send your resume today. We look forward to scheduling an interview with you.