The office environment affects productivity, employee retention and customer service. An investment in your office environment can make your business a better place to work. Here are three tips that can improve your office.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

Design a space that encourages collaboration while giving people space to work individually. It can be a balancing act, but you’ll want to think about your space carefully. Put up whiteboards for brainstorming or doodling. Give your employees the equipment they want to work comfortably. A standing desk might be a good option to encourage people to have a healthy balance between sitting and standing. Provide a break space for people to actually get away from their desk throughout the day. Short breaks can increase productivity.

Clean Up the Air Quality in the Office

Poor air quality in the office contributes to allergies and sinus problems, which can keep people from being productive. It can cause headaches, making people lose concentration. At the very least, make sure to change air filters monthly. If you can install air purifiers with a HEPA filter, it will create a positive working environment by catching dirt particles in the air. Plants can also contribute to better air quality, plus they have a calming effect. Green encourages creativity, too. When employees can’t get out into nature, they can at least relax in the office.

Keep Your Team Connected

Teams that have personal connections often work better together. Provide resources that help your team stay connected to their work, like Slack, Asana or Trello. When meeting, offer video conferencing for remote workers to tune in and help with brainstorming. Ask one icebreaker question to let your team learn more about each other. Give your team tools for resolving conflict to reduce small issues from turning into big ones.

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