Social consciousness is more important for businesses than ever before. Customers want to see a sense of corporate social responsibility where they shop. Essentially, it’s about reducing your carbon footprint. Your business should encourage green practices to foster a culture of social responsibility.

If you need suggestions to get started to reduce your energy consumption, here are a few tips.

• Recycle  

Provide receptacles for recycling paper, plastic and cans. Instead of throwing out old electronics, donate to non-profits and schools that can still use two or three year old technology.

• Encourage reduced car use

Offer to subsidize transit passes. Give employees opportunities to carpool. Have a work-from-home day once a week to reduce commutes. Stagger staffing to allow your team to avoid rush hour. Offer telecommuting or remote working, if possible. Promote teleconferencing instead of on-site meetings. 

• Turn off work stations and heat at night and on weekends

Make sure printers, computers and lights are shut off when your team goes home. You’ll reduce your energy bills significantly. 

• Make a switch to eco-friendly products

Laptops use less energy than desktops. Buy LED lights instead of incandescent. Offer coffee mugs and reusable water bottles instead of plastic. Install a dishwasher to wash dishes, because it will use less water and soap. 

• Promote brown-bagging for lunch

Bringing a lunch from home is generally healthier for employees, but it also reduces packaging waste. You reduce the need for people to drive and get food or have it delivered, which reduces energy consumption. 

• Create monthly challenges to motivate your team

Set goals with measurable outcomes to make sure your efforts are working. Challenge employees to go one month without plastic cutlery or to turn off every electronic and light. Give rewards to team members.

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