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Healthcare Financing

Grow Your Practice With Flex Capital

Operating a healthcare facility in your community is an important part of securing the health and safety of those you serve. At Flex Capital, we realize that quality healthcare financing keeps facilities like yours open. Here is a look at how this working capital can help your practice continue serving the community you care about.

Debt Consolidation

Transforming multiple monthly payments into one is a great way to reduce stress meaning you have more bandwidth to care for others. Consolidating your debt with Flex Capital can also mean a lower total payment and interest rate.

Equipment Leasing

Running a medical practice requires expensive equipment, such as used in diagnostics, surgery and treatment. The working capital we offer can cover up to 50% of the soft costs of leasing this equipment.

Practice Acquisitions

Expanding your practice by buying out a partner or merging with another practice requires working capital. With healthcare financing from Flex Capital, you could receive up to 100% financing for this endeavor.

The Benefits

Growing a medical practice is a complex undertaking. At Flex Capital, we offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • No upfront payments
  • Generous 72-month terms
  • Used for whatever your practice needs
  • Quick approval process

To find out more, contact our office today. An experienced financial consultant can walk you through the application process and answer all your questions.