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Floor Plan Financing

Floorplan Financing for Manufacturers and Equipment Dealers

Flex Capital offers Floorplan financing solutions so equipment manufacturers and dealers can drive more business without placing a strain on cash flow.

Floorplan Financing for Manufacturers:

  • Increase equipment sales regardless of economic fluctuations
  • Improve cash flow by receiving payments upon delivery
  • Build brand loyalty from dealers
  • Capture a larger market share with private label and captive finance programs

Floorplan Financing for Dealers:

  • Acquire more inventory and drive more sales
  • Preserve cash flow with interest-only periods
  • Flexible sales cycles with curtailment schedules
  • Preferred access to additional financing programs

Beyond Floorplan Financing

Flax Capital provides comprehensive financing solutions to equipment manufacturers and dealers. We offer equipment financing solutions, programs for parts and service, insurance, , and other programs that give equipment dealers and manufacturers the ability to bundle multiple financing solutions and take advantage of volume incentives.

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