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Consumer Finance

Building Better Consumer Relations

Consumer financing can help build your brand and increase revenue flows. Offering your own consumer line of credit means they come to your business first. At Flex Capital, we can secure lines for small, medium and large businesses, building consumer loyalty on all scales. Our flexible consumer finance plans provide affordable options for both you and your customers.

Consumer Benefits

Consumer financing extends credit lines to your qualifying customers. We offer a quick, easy application process with fast responses. Once approved, customers have an easy way to manage payments over time while continuing to spend responsibly. They also receive all of our customer service resources and financial services.

How Consumer Financing Helps Your Business

Extending credit to your customers means they are more likely to spend with you. When they do, you reap the benefits of increased sales. However, with our consumer finance plans, you also enjoy:

  • Better brand awareness
  • Strong credit limits
  • Bad debt collection
  • Fast, consistent approvals
  • Customer service

If you think consumer financing is right for your business, contact the experts at Flex Capital today and discover how consumer credit build your brand and increase business. We can build financial solutions tailor-made to your funding needs, from capital investment to merchant advances, for business of all sizes.