An old real estate saying goes “location is everything,” but images can be just as important to selling potential buyers and tenants on properties. This article provides some ways to make pictures of your real estate investment shine.

Invest in Gear

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, but they are still not capable of matching the versatility and quality of options like digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs). For initial gear, a good starting place is with a camera, lens, and tripod. Keep in mind that you do not need the latest and greatest camera, but even older-generation DSLRs and the like will likely be a noticeable upgrade over other options. Additionally, if you take care of your equipment, it can last for many years of real estate investment.

Consider Lighting

Literally speaking, it is important to show your real estate investment in the best light possible. The Digital Photography School website recommends shooting the exterior of the property in the early or late day. Another option is to shoot the exterior just after sunset with all of the lights in the property turned on. Interior lighting will vary from property to property, but make sure the rooms do not look dark and uninviting. If the location gets great natural light, then show that off. If it needs more lighting to make each room shine, then bring in lights to do so.

Emphasize the Strong Points

Anyone involved in real estate investment knows that properties have strong and weak points. When it comes to photography, it is especially important to emphasize a location’s strong points. Take care to capture a property’s best features. For example, if it has an amazingly big patio, try shooting the patio with a wide-angle lens in relation to the rest of the property to show how large it is. Pleasing photos of a property’s best selling points can make its weak points easier for potential buyers or tenants to look past.

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