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No Cash? Fix and Flip Anyway!

Did you hear the story about the millionaire real estate investor who had no cash at stake in the first fix and flip? It might sound too good to be true, but some creative investment strategies could allow you to... Read More

Success in the Midwest featuring Yeager Properties

Flex Capital is proud to showcase a variety of small business success stories from our home state of Indiana and the Midwest at large. In today’s episode Michael introduces Yeager Properties, a company focused on providing inspiring and well equipped... Read More

Business Growth with Purchase Order Financing

In the life of every startup, there usually comes the point where a major customer is ready to take the business relationship to the next level with a significantly larger order. But what if it happens sooner than anticipated and... Read More

Different Options for Equipment Financing

Many business owners turn to a loan when purchasing equipment. In fact, there are several reasons to choose equipment financing even if you have enough money in savings to buy the equipment outright. For one thing, you may not want... Read More

How to Develop a Positive Corporate Culture

One of the primary functions of leadership is to instill the values of a successful enterprise through the various levels of employees. On the whole, people will follow their leaders and adopt their attitudes, usually without noticing. If you notice... Read More

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Investing in real estate is one of the more stable methods of building up a long-term portfolio, especially when you take a diversified approach to your holdings and research your markets carefully. Before you jump into commercial real estate for... Read More

How To Increase Cash Flow With Invoice Factoring

Many businesses use invoices to keep track of customer debt after delivering goods and services. The problem is, they can’t be certain that they’ll get paid. Even when they do receive payment, it’s often 30, 60 or even 90 days... Read More

The Benefits of Short-Term Financing

Banks can be a great place to get financing for your business; that is if you qualify. Traditional financial institutions tend to require a strong credit history and substantial annual revenue before they will consider your company eligible for a... Read More

10 Tips for Getting Approved for an SBA Loan

SBA loans are great opportunities for new and locally-owned businesses to access capital. Supported by the Small Business Administration, a SBA loan is usually easier to qualify for than traditional financing. However, that doesn’t mean every applicant is guaranteed approval.... Read More

Affordable Housing is Ruling the Multifamily Real Estate Market in 2020

Over the past few years, a boom in demand for luxury multifamily units in major cities as well as up and coming markets has fueled investment and speculation. As a result, the supply for affordable housing has become lopsided, creating... Read More