Finding new leads is an essential part of most businesses since it means you have the potential to increase sales and grow your business. Here are seven ways that you can use to enhance your lead generation and hopefully acquire new customers.

Find Leads in the Workplace

If you are currently working at a business and you know of a few very promising potential clients, you may just want to start your own business with these clients as your startup core. This has happened many times with individuals who switched from becoming employees to contractors.

Finding Leads via Business Organizations

Another great way to go about lead generation is to troll social organizations as well as business organizations for new customers. Keep in mind that it’s not important how many organizations you belong to, but how active you are in those organizations, that will help you with your lead generation efforts.

Personal Activities

Any personal activities that you or your family are involved with can also be included in your lead generation initiatives. Whenever you have social events on your calendar, you can make these into lead generation opportunities simply by being pleasant and conversational and reaching out to others at the event.

Notify Friends and Family

Many times, new leads can come from friends and family who are aware of your efforts to grow your client list. Make it known to your circle of contacts that you’re looking for new leads, and you just might be surprised at the number of prospects you come up with.

Advertise for New Leads

Make full use of your website and all other channels to advertise for new leads. Make sure that your business listings are up-to-date and accurate on any sites where references are made to your company.


Once you have a few clients that really appreciate your products or services, you’ll have the potential to accumulate referrals. By doing your best to please existing clientele, you have a better chance of acquiring referrals from them which will increase your lead generation potential.

Social Media

The best way to acquire new leads in social media is to be seen as a company or an individual who is knowledgeable and who can provide value to others. As a business, your best bet is to use LinkedIn, since that is the primary social media platform for conducting business. Establish an authoritative presence on LinkedIn to get your message across, and you’re likely to get a steady flow of new leads.

Need Funding for Lead Generation?

Generating leads can be essential for a business because it can bring in a higher volume of sales when those leads are converted into customers. If you need funding for your lead generation initiatives, we may be able to help at Flex Capital. Contact us today to see if we can be of service in your lead generation efforts.