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Monthly Archives: May 2019

SBA Loan Basic Overview

SBA Loans are a great option for working capital, partner acquisitions, start ups, expansions, and debt refinance. For more details or specific questions please contact us directly at Flexcapital.net or by calling (833)739-2274.... Read More

How to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility Among Employees

Social consciousness is more important for businesses than ever before. Customers want to see a sense of corporate social responsibility where they shop. Essentially, it’s about reducing your carbon footprint. Your business should encourage green practices to foster a culture... Read More

How to Blend Corporate Cultures After a Merger and Acquisitions

There are various aspects which revolve around mergers and acquisitions which are unrelated to the financial part of it, but which still can have a major impact on the success or failure of a planned merger or acquisition. One of... Read More

The Positive Outcomes of Outsourcing

In the past, outsourcing has been considered a strategy which only big businesses could truly take advantage of, but all that is changing now. Technology has made it much more possible for small businesses to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing... Read More

What is a Commercial Loan Broker and How Can We Benifit Your Business?

Commercial loan brokers help to find financial solutions for your business. We are at an advantage because we have flexible loan options as well as creative solutions for financing. At Flex Capital, we aim to be your one stop shop... Read More