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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Why You Need to Keep Sales Techniques When You Become an Entrepreneur

Although handling sales is not usually the primary task that an entrepreneur performs, selling is an integral aspect of almost all businesses. Learning to become better at sales is not only enjoyable, but it also allows you to gain insight... Read More

Financing Secrets for Leading the Fix and Flip Business

Buying a home, repairing it, and then selling it for a profit has become a popular way to secure a better financial future. Most people start house flipping as a part-time side gig while working full-time for someone else. They... Read More

10 Rules to Live By to Deliver Great Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service today is much like making a new friend, or dealing with an existing, valued partner—a real relationship is required. Customers evaluate a new business relationship based upon what they know about your background (company history), your... Read More

How to Become the Ideal Client and Succeed with Invoice Factoring

If you’re struggling with cash flow because most of your business income is tied up in accounts receivable, invoice factoring could be the perfect solution. This term means that you sell the face value of an unpaid invoice to a... Read More